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Roblox Studio: What about child safety?

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A concern that I had early in our Roblox Studio journey was for my responsibility to keep young students safe when entering an online environment. Roblox Studio is a programme that students download onto their computers to work offline so in this form, there are no online risks for students. While Roblox Studio does work offline, a Roblox account is required to begin game building and this account can only be made online. I initially created a library Roblox account so that students did not need to create their own accounts which meant that they would be unable to login at home and this allowed me to closely observe any risks. I did this because I was still learning about how Roblox worked and did not want to be encouraging students into an online environment that I was unprepared to support them in. Using a library account has turned out to be an ideal way for novice students to get the opportunity to explore Roblox Studio without the need to formally enter the Roblox environment by creating their own account.

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